Runway in Store

- Augmented reality (using Kinect)

- Interaction design

- Visual programming in Unity (C#)

- Shader programming


How To Be A Buddhist

- Web experiment

- Speech synthesis, text-to-speech (AWS Polly)

- Node.js, MongoDB, web scrapping (python)



Decent Dialogue

- Web experiment

- NLP with spaCy

- Web scraping and automation (python), Flask



- Projection-based installation

- Interaction design

- MaxMSP



The Wall

- Large scale projection mapping

- Motion capture (OptiTrack MoCap suits, Unreal engine)

- Video editing (Premiere)


Dimension of Waves

- Interactive installation

- Physical computing (Arduino)

- Generative art sketch (p5.js)



Moving Wallpaper

- Design for dance performance

- Projection mapping

- Creative coding (Processing, p5.js)