Moving Wallpaper


Choreographer: Evita Zacharioglou 

Composer: Spencer Robelen 

Visual Programmers: Jingfei Lin & Luqian Chen

Performers: HyeYoung Jo Borden, Dante J. Norris, Evita Zacharioglou



This piece is a cerebral mirage. 

Inspired by the novella The Yellow Wallpaper (1892) by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, this piece is an adaptation that bridges the world of reality into the imaginary. Stemming from a focus on female health and suppression in the 19th century, the choreography explores the psychological breakdown and perplexity of the human mind: the epitome of madness. Through dance, words, music and projections the internal insanity is brought to light. 

In this piece the audience can sympathize with the deranged by witnessing their hallucinations.



In a 19th century patriarchal society a woman writes in her secret journal. Following the birth of her child the narrator tells her story and reveals her postpartum depression. As she is kept indoors, in a bedroom with ugly, old, unpleasant smelling, yellow wallpaper, by her husband, a physician, who believes she needs plenty of rest to heal, this woman slowly loses her mind: she becomes obsessed with figuring out the patterns in the wallpaper and slowly comes to believe it is moving. She starts to see a woman trapped inside, trying to escape, and eventually she tears it down to free her[self].